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When three's a crowd

hehehehee...thought id put my fanfic here for just my
friends to read....

Title ; When three’s a crowd
Author; Patty Abalos
Homepage; Simply Fanfic and JaYders
Distribution; Required Reading, The Stories of Us, JaYders,
Simply Fanfic, any others please just ask.
Pairing; Jake/Hamilton, Jake/Ryder
Rating; PG-ness
Summary; Read it to find out!!
Authors notes ; Dedicated to all the jaYders! Thanks to
Fran, Giselle, Ellie. (love my online family! *muah* *hugs*)
Spoilers; Post-season 1

Part ONE

"Haaaaaaaaamilton…" Jake moaned as her boyfriend ravaged
her neck. The sensations that were running through her body
were indescribable…she felt like she was going to self-
combust any second. She felt his hand resting on the bare
of her stomach, just rubbing softly as he continued to
attack her body with kisses, both of them breathing hard.

"Hamilton…don’t you think…we should……stop." Jake said
between kisses, "You know, if someone comes back to the
campus early…and finds us here…"

Hamilton pulled back with a heated gaze and looked into her
eyes, his thumb tracing over her now swollen bottom
lip. "Jaaaaake." He whined, "you just got back from New
York, and classes don’t start again til four days more…" he
leaned down and gave her a long leisurely kiss, "Which
loser would come back to school so early?"

She pushed him away, pouting. "So I’m a loser now?"

He grinned, looking at her sexily. "You’re *my* loser."

She laughed and shook her head, before Hamilton pushed her
back on the common room couch to show her just how much he
had missed her over the break.


Ryder screeched thought the Rawley Campus gates, the last
place her ever wanted to be – no, make that the second last
place he ever wanted to be. Anything was better than home,
and putting up with that useless excuse of a ‘father’ . He
couldnt believe his mother had actually married that loser.

"Americans." He said shaking his head as he pulled the
corvette to stop.

"Yeah, that’s what they tend to call us." A amused familiar
voice said.

Ryder looked up at Finn and shook his head.

" that a smile I see Mr Forrest?? And it’s not one
generated from the misery of another student?? Well, I’m
impressed." Finn said dramatically, a huge grin gracing his

Ryder laughed heartily. "Yeah alright, you got me. Just
don’t go spreading the news." He said, and closed the
corvette door as he stepped out.

"Oh, that’s right…gotta protect that reputation of yours."

"Of course." They both laughed as they entered the campus

"So what brings you back to Rawley so early?" Finn asked,
backpack over his shoulder.

"Just couldn’t stand one more second of" Ryder raised his
hands motioning talking marks "’quality family time’. So I
just hopped in the car and came back".

"Yeah, I know how that feels." Finn said smiling.

"Well, I’ll see you ‘round." Ryder said as they reached the
stairs leading to his dorm room.

"See you in Lit."

Ryder nodded as saluted a farewell, running up the stairs
to his room.


Jake stifled a moan as Hamilton’s touches and kisses drove
her crazy. She was glad she was able to relax without the
corset on, though she had a sweatshirt on hand just in
case. Jake certainly was *not* looking forward to putting
the corset back on…after the summer session she had never
wanted to see it again. Putting up with the heat, when all
she wanted to do was parade around in her ‘girlie’ clothes.
But if it meant seeing Hamilton all the time and not, well
she knew what she would choose.

She faintly heard voices in the hall, and quickly pushed
Hamilton away hard, catching him off-guard and causing him
to topple to the floor.

"What the hell? Jake?" Hamilton frowned.

"Shhhh!" Jake said, putting a finger to her lips, her eyes

An annoyed Hamilton quietened to listen to whatever Jake
had heard before she had pushed him off the couch.

"So what brings you back to Rawley so early?" a voice asked.

"Just couldn’t stand one more second of…’quality family
time’. So I just hopped in the car and came back". an
accented British voice replied.

"Yeah, I know how that feels."

Jake frowned at Hamilton, who mouthed ‘Ryder’ back at her.
Jake rolled her eyes.

"Well, I’ll see you ‘round." They heard Ryder say.

"See you in Lit."

As the voices stopped, Hamilton and Jake sharing a look of
wariness. Ryder was back. For another semester of hassling

Jake shut her eyes tight and groaned. "Why did he have to
come back early?!?!" she said in frustration.

Hamilton sat down beside her and took her hand in his,
kissing it quickly. "It’ll be okay." he said reassuringly.

"Well Well. Look who we have here." Finn said, at the
doorway of the common room. "Mr Fleming and Mr Pratt."

Hamilton dropped her hand as if it was a hot iron, not
going unnoticed by a particular Literature teacher.

"Err…Hi Finn." Jake said tensely, still not knowing just
how much Finn had seen in the showers at the end of the
summer session.

"Hey Finn." Hamilton said, equally as tense.

Finn looked back and forth between the boys, observing them
quietly before breaking into a grin. If there was something
going on between the boys, it certainly wasn’t any of his
business. He just hoped the Dean and his wife never found

"Ohhh ladies!" Ryder said, walking in and leaping onto the
spare couch, putting his arms behind his head. "Did you
miss me??"

"Totally." Jake said sarcastically.

"I’ll see you guys later." Finn said, and departed with a
grin. Jake and Hamilton rolled their eyes and sat back on
the couch, failing to grab the television control before
Ryder gleefully grabbed a hold of it.

Jake gave him a look of disgust, Ryder smirking back at

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