Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-14 01:37:01 (UTC)

Worst sonogram

I was too mad about my bf yesterday to say how the
sonogram went Friday.Now that I have time to say how it
went Id like to write it down.
My first sonogram was at about 24 weeks.I thought I was
the stuff looking so good and all.The nurse smiled and
showed me every bit of movement.She even told us we should
have brought a camera.She gave me three pictures lined
up.Theyre in my scrapbook now.I brought my bf and my
mother. My mother wanted to bet on the gender and I was
crieing and smileing.It was one of the greatest memories of
my pregnancy so far.
Friday I went in for my last sonogram.So again I was so
excited and walked in smileing trieing to prepare myself
not to bust in tears again.The nurse told me to lay on the
table and pull down my clothes and all.Then she decided to
say my insurence wouldnt cover it.I jumped up and she
walked out the room and over to my doctors office.Evil
bitch!When she came back she said"We're just going to check
the weight."like I would have an automaticly low birth
weight or something and refused to let us tape it.She
turned the screen completely away from everyone's
view,including me.She didnt say anything as she squirted
ample amounts of jell on me.She rubbed forever pressing
really hard and picking it up before every slight
movement.When she was done she turned the screen to where
my mother could strain to peek.My mom asked if that was his
hand and she said"Yeah."and thats it.She handed me the
towel and the one picture at the same time and the only
reason I didnt throw it at her was because it was my only
memory.I handed my mom the picture and almost choked her
when she passed me.I really started swearing to myself Id
be here the day after my delivery.Later my mother talked me
down to commenting to her supervisor on monday
instead.Monday I can call and find out if my delivery date
has changed or not and how much my baby weighs.I wanted to
cry so bad.This stupid woman ruined a special moment for me
that I'll never be able to have again.Who did she think she
was?Im still debateing on kicking her ass atleast before 48
hours after I deliver.Im going to make Austin piss on her!

Hehe,I am still mad about how she acted but I dont even remember her
face.Screw her.If her parents didnt teach her to respect pregnant
women of all ages thats not my fault.I was deffinently disrespected
by her because of my young age.I know my son's taken care of so
indirectly in her face!:p.All I can do is teach austin not to do
that.Thanks to her I was prepared to expect even older people to be
rude and judgemental.I know not to underestamate people because of
age.Older people are sometimes less mature than myself though I know
13 year olds more mature than me so what does that say?lol.No hard
feelings.That OB was the absolute best one.If they hadnt decided to
induce me austin might not have been born.Thats enough by far to
forgive one lady who was having a bad day for sure.