Not So Pretty

burn out
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2001-10-14 01:27:31 (UTC)

tic tac?

sorry about the lil title... but like.... I'm eating some
tic tacs right now and it's like.... AHHH! but
still....mmmmmm they're soooo good. they're the orange mint
ones.... mmmmmm. *sigh* I really don't have a life... and
like.. thinking of something to write is really really hard
so like... *thinkz* uhhh... I got some new lip gloss
today..? does that seem interesting enough.... well damn
it! its interesting to me... it's this weird "lip lights"
crap.... and ths flavor is "vanilla swirl" mmmmm it's good,
but still... I HAVE NO FUCKING LIFE! it's quite stupid
actually. hmm let's see... we were supposed to go to the
movies today... but my parents decided that it would be
much more fun to leave me and kat at home.... and to go out
gambling.. so like... ya know... I feel neglected a lil bit
here. I have to stay home.. with my cats.. and my sister.
and grandma and grandpa which is bad enough already as it
is.. but now.... kat's talking on the phone with her
boyfriend so i don't have anyone to talk to. this really
sucks but ya know..... it's life. I'll live.... one way or
another. I wish we could go out for coffee today.... I'd
be like.... "YAY!!!" but then again... kat has to work
tomorrow morning... so we can't go and do that.... heaven
forbid she be tired in the morning.... uhhh..... let's
see.... right now I'm listening to Prodigy.. "breathe"
sorry if you have no fuckin' clue what I'm talkin' about.
cuz it's a really good song.... but n e who... Jecka's
gonna go now.. did any of you people like.... go to my
site? I highly doubt that you did. but if you did.... YAY!
well I'z gonna go now..toodlez! ~Jecka the eight cent whore~

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