Procrastination is Key
2001-10-14 01:26:20 (UTC)

Saturday Night

Wow- I am soooo cool, sitting here on a Saturday night,
watching the stupid movies that are on tv and even starting
my english essay. I guess to my defense I did do something
last night and spent like five hours today at the football
game- Go Heels- yet another victory:-P I am so pissed
however b/c I have no money now that I had to pay six
freakin dollars to park my car like half a mile from my
dorm- just b/c there was a stupid game. Good thing I got
$10 in the mail yesterday or I would have had to go to the
ATM just so I could park!!! It sucks I tell you really, this
campus is not parking friendly.
I am kinda lonely I think- and not just tonight- I am sure
I could be doing something if I wanted, but just in general.
And really that is like one of the very worst feelings, b/c
its one of those that you really cannot change on your own-
you gotta rely on others I guess. I really don't think I am
a poor pitiful thing- so don't worry too much:-p I am just
ready for something more I think.
I am somewhat worried and yet relieved by the fact that I
don't seem to have much work in my classes at this point in
the semester. Relieved for the obvious reasons, but worried
b/c if for some reason the load gets heavy I will not be
prepared, and also b/c I think I am going to be in for a BIG
shock next semester. My schedule (well the tentative one,
but I don't really have many options anyway) consists of 4
science classes, which of course is going to go right along
with some math(in physics and analytical chem) plus a lab,
of course gotta schedule those recitations in too. Labs
stress me out so much, but at least it will only be 3 hours
instead of 4, thats not too much consolation though:-/
It seems as though the car search continues when I
thought that the idea had been scratched. My mommy went to
some chevy places looking at cavaliers and she said that my
dad is still looking into mitsubishi's so whatever, I am
REALLY hoping that something comes of this. SOME of you
might think I am spoiled but really my car is a '91, has
been wrecked once by me and at least once previously and has
around 142,000 miles on it, so I think getting a new car in
the near future is not such a bad idea, and since I have no
money of my own, (not an amount substantial enough at least)
its gonna have to come from the parents.
Ok that is enough random rambling and whining for one