Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-14 01:15:19 (UTC)

Quick update

Im at my sisters house tonight.The kids went to their
father Wayne's house for the weekend.Big wayne used to be
mean as hell to me and I dont blame him.I was so jelous of
little Wayners at 13 years old,immature about not being the
only baby in the family.Today when he came over he saw me
looking at swings online and asked when I was due.November
18th.He asked what Id name the baby and I told him
Austin.Then he told me it was a really nice name for a
boy.I used to think Wayne was like a walking insult at all
times.He's not what I thought he was.Most guys never know
what to say.Wayne is the last person Id expect to agree on
anything with.It means a lot to hear his opinion as a dad
and to say something nice to me of all people.
I never realised that I look back and regret my actions as
a kid so much.I expect my little Austin to be a difficult
kid like I was.Hopefully I can take time to correct him in
a way my parents didnt try.I dont think there is a way my
parents havent tried on me as a kid.

One evening Wayne brought Austin back from a day in my sister's pool
outback.He made me come out and look at something cute.Austin was
asleep in his carseat and stephanie was sprawled across the carseat
holding his hand.I think that may have been when I started feeling
more relaxed with the idea of steph playing with austin.She helps
feed him,basicly making a huge mess shareing a jar of food with him
lol.I was mean,I gave her a bottle cap full of concentrate enfamil
and she pretended to like it:p.I bet if I let stephanie use one of
his sippy cups and give austin his own that he'll love drinking out
of it.We havent been too pushey on that but he uses a fork to eat his
eggs.He'll use it to pick food up,take it off the fork and shove it
in his mouth.