Me AnD Mah LiL WoRlD
2001-10-14 01:02:40 (UTC)

blah blah blah

Today was kinda a boaring day.I went to church with my
sisters, it was cool i guess. my ma goes to a church in
pico. anyways, i came home from church and had some
hamburger helper. mmmm...that was good. then i went to go
and visit my cousin Eileen in the hospital. she had a baby
boy. his name is john. he's so cute. then some drama
happened there cuz their hospital is ghetto and my cousin
didnt wanna be there anymore, so she signed herself out.
now there at home. Then I came home and went online. NOBODY
WAS ON! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS AT? anywho, i was on this
website and i saw something that said, "create your own
diary" so i clicked it and here i am. Its kinda gay, im not
gonna write any deep and personal thoughts in here to post
to everyone. that would be gay. just a lil recap of what
happened during my day more or uncle is supposed to
come over tonight to watch the tyson fight. hes tiight. hes
my fave. uncle in the whole world. he rocks.
*****Jackie Where is your Chuntie self at??****************