worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-10-14 00:38:16 (UTC)

A Day in the Life

i wake up and look at the clock, damn, over-slept again. i
untie my ankles and get out of bed. Breakfast will be
scrambled eggs eaten off the floor and licking a few drops
of hot sauce up as well. No rinsing of the mouth or sip of
water to ease my burning mouth. i walk to the bathroom and
pee into a gallon jug. But not before i humbly kneel on
the cold tiles and kiss and toilet seat. Before leaving i
remove the pair of panties which i slept with in my cunt.
They are placed in my mouth.

First thing of the day is some work on my computer. i sit
in my desk chair which means lowering my ass onto a metal
rod protruding from the chair. Before turning the computer
on i attach electrodes to my nipples and clit. i turn the
computer on and begin my work. Sporadically while i work i
receive electric shocks at random strengths and intervals.
Each jolt to my ass, clit, or nipples makes me jump and
loose concentration. Furthermore, my computer keeps count
of every typo i make. When i finish my work two hours
later, i have made 50 errors. i must learn to concentrate
harder. To firmly learn the lesson i smack each of my
palms with a ruler 50 times. Tomorrow i hope to do better.

i take two clothespins and attach them to my nipples. For
the rest of day i will keep them on for 15 minutes and off
for 15 minutes, which creates a wonderful aching feeling.
i also insert a very large buttplug that will be kept in
the rest of the day. For the next half-hour i stand on a
box of bottles on my bare feet while holding two heavy
books in either hand with my arms stretched out wide. For
an added kick i attach another clothespin to my clit. My
feet begin to get sore immediately and to add to my
exercise, i do some leg bends. Half an hour goes by and
i'm exhausted.

Not quite time for lunch i decide to play a little game. i
gather the necessary items: a deck of cards, a frozen dildo
(i always keep some in the freezer), a riding crop, and a
horse-bit gag. i start by fixing the gag tightly around my
mouth. The games works like this: a draw a card from the
deck. i then begin to masturbate with the frozen dildo.
The number on the card dictates how many times i must bring
myself to the brink of climax and be forced to stop. If
the card is black, after the number of teases i will be
allowed to cum finally. If the card is red, i will not be
allowed to cum and instead have to swat my cunt with the
crop that number of times. i draw a card - 9 of hearts! i
begin fucking myself with the cold dildo; nine times in a
row i am near climaxing and must stop. After the ninth
time, i desperately want to cum but do not allow myself
to. Instead i take the crop and whip my pussy nine hard
times. (During the course of this, i have still been
taking off and on the clothespins every 15 minutes, my tits
are killing me.)

Lunch is a salad, tossed onto the floor and eaten there
from. Very thirsty i mix a glass of milk with a glass of
orange juice and drink it down. Wanting to add some more
pressure to my bladder i also drink a glass of soda, a
glass of prune juice, and a beer. That should do nicely.

It's the end of the week, which means i must correct my
behavior for the infractions i committed durning the week.
i make a list of all my misdeeds:
Overslept - 2x
Climaxed when i shouldn't have - 3x
Used foul language - 5x
Procrastinated my work - 2x
Forgot to save my pee - 2x
Went out in public without a buttplug - 1x

It's going to be a long afternoon. i decide to start at
the bottom of the list. i go the bathroom for an enema. i
fill the largest bag i have with the hottest, soapiest
water possible and force it all inside my bowels. i
reinsert my buttplug and sit on the toilet watching the
clock. The goal is to hold it for 30 minutes; for every
minute early i release it, i will paddle my ass two times.
Already having a lot of pressure on my bladder, the
pressure in my bowels is unbearable. i only manage to hold
it 20 minutes. That means 20 swats to my behind. i bend
over so my head is hovering just above the toilet, which i
still haven't flushed. i keep my mouth closed forcing me
to breath through my nose and suffer through my own
stench. In this position i deliver the 20 blows to my ass,
each one hard enough to make me jump. Perhaps next time i
will not forget to wear my plug.

Twice i forgot to save my urine. No excuse for that. That
means i will take two of my gallon jugs of urine and bath
in it. i step into the tub, tilt my head back, and begin
pouring each jug over my body - slowly, over my face, my
hair, in my mouth, all over my body. After each jug is
emptied, i lie down in the tub and roll around in my own
smelly piss (which increases my current urge to pee but i
must hold it until after dinner). i lay face down in the
tub and press my nose to the bottom, inhaling my piss and
even licking some off it. i do not enjoy this but it is
the only way i will learn to control my functions and learn
discipline. About a half hour of this and i am thoroughly
sticky and degraded. i permit myself to rinse off but only
with cold water.

Next, i put off doing work like a naughty little
schoolgirl, so that is how i will be punished. i stand in
a corner with my nose touching the wall for 15 minutes. i
then sit at my desk and begin writing "i am a naughty
little girl and will learn to do my work promtly." Usually
i would only write this 100 times, but i committed the
infraction twice so i double the punishment. For every
line i mess up on, i will be corrected. When i finally
finish i read over my work, about 20 mistakes. That means
20 more swats to my palms, still sore from this morning.

For using dirty language i wash my mouth out with soap.
Actually, i take a bar of soap and place it in my mouth,
then begin the mental aspect. i kneel on a broom-handle in
front of a full-length mirror. With a red marker i write
all over my visible body - whore, painslut, bitch, ugly,
fat, dog, pig, slave, worthless, etc... Five bad words
said means 50 minutes in front of the mirror. This way my
mouth will learn to control itself and my head will
remember that i am the lowest there is and the only foul
language used should be directed at myself.

For cumming when i shouldn't have i must be punished
severely. Only three seperate punishments will do. First,
i attach clothespins all over my pussy - everywhere one
will fit. Then, lying on my back i take a belt and begin
whipping my pussy. i do not stop until i have knocked
every clothespin off (not an easy task). Second, i take
the largest vibrator i have and shove it forcefully into my
cunt. This particular one has never given me pleasure, it
is only used for punishment. Actually, its size is enough
of a punishment. But this is serious so i turn it on high
and feel my body start to convulse with it. Pain shoots
through me as i feel like i'm being ripped apart. i force
myself to stand in the middle of the room staring at a
clock, no less than 15 minutes will do. For my third and
final pussy-punishment, i tie on a rope g-string. The rope
is thin so tying it tightly means it cuts and bites into my
skin. i make sure to pull it very tightly between my ass
cheeks and pussy lips. i will wear this until after

The punishment for oversleeping is a spanking, either my
tits or my ass. But since i messed up twice this week, i
will have to spank them both. i recall oversleeping about
30 minutes. But i did it twice. Thus i will beat my ass
and tits 60 times each. On my knees, i smack my ass 60
hard times with a leather strap. My ass doesn't seem to be
stinging enough which means i probably was too easy on
myself. That will not do, so i repeat each of the 60
lashes. Yes, that's much better. Then i switch and begin
lashing my tits with the leather strap. i make sure to hit
them from underneath, the top, and straight on my nipples.
When i finish, i conclude my punishments went well.

Dinner time. Dinner is a plate of spagetti dumpted onto
and eaten off the floor (not with a fork, with my hands
held behind my back i eat it up like a dog). After dinner
i untie my g-string and finally am allowed to pee (this
time i remember to go in one of my jugs and kiss the toilet

It's evening now and i decide to relax in front of the TV
for a while. The only chair i am allowed to use for this
purpose is one i had specially built for me. The seat is a
very narrow board that hurts on my ass after being spanked and
pushes my buttplug deeper into me. My legs are strapped
in, much like in prep for a gynecologist exam. My back
leans against another board with many thick pegs protruding
out of it which dig into my back at all the wrong spots.
My tits are placed in a vice that is hooked up to a
computer so that it tightens and releases them without my
control. Likewise, a vibrator is attached to my clit that
keeps me aroused but shuts down when it detects that i am
near to climaxing. My head is placed into a harness that
consists of a large ball gag, nose hook, and various straps
to keep me from moving it the slightest. i grab the remote
with one hand and place both my arm on the rests. They are
automatically locked into place and can be unlocked with a
button on the remote. The chair, as i said, is hooked up
to an elaborate computer system. While i watch TV it
torments me in accordance to program i wrote for it which
directs it to perform various tasts at random. So while i
watch, periodically hot wax is dripped on me from above,
the pegs at my back shift, my bag gag is expanded, the
vibrator sends electric shocks to my clit, the vice
tightens, ice is shoved into my pussy, a feather tickles my
feet, my arms are stretched tightly apart, and my seat
disappears from underneath me only to reappear with a

Two hours of TV in my favorite chair and it is time to get
ready for bed. i drink several more glasses of liquid so
that my bladder will be aching all night. i take a pair of
panties and shove them into my pussy. i also shove a
rather long dildo into my ass. i tie each of my ankles to
seperate legs of the bed. i attach a ring-gag to my mouth
so i will drool all night. i blindfold myself. And i
handcuff my wrists (the key is on my nightstand next to the
bed). All snug and secure i drift off to sleep. (Oh yeah,
my bed is also hooked up to the computer so durning the
night i will be mechanically raped, breasts painfully
fondled, thighs whipped, pissed dumped down my throat, and
whole body tickled mercilessly.) Good night.