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2001-10-14 00:31:50 (UTC)

Dimitri, I love you so

Dimi Im sorry I made fun of your low scores. I love you
sweetheart...your the best thing that could've ever
happened to a loser like me. Making you cry really got to
me and even thought I didn't come in to say sorry...I was
saying it in the inside. little
prince...remember when I held your hand when you got your
first nosebleed? Did you remember how scared you were? Our
bond is much greater than our other siblings and I honestly
think your my favorite. I know it isn't right for me to
choose but I cannot help it this time.
I dunno what I would do if you left before me. I wouldn't
function, no doubt. That day in April when you were brought
into my life and into my arms was the day I started a new
life. Since then you swept me into your love. All your
secrets and all your fears have passed through my ears and
it's as if I know you better than you know yourself. Im
sure we will keep this strong bond forever. Please
remember...your sister cares for you more than anything and
will always hold your hand...

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