"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-10-14 00:29:04 (UTC)

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and Tiffani, Sarah, Matt,
and C.J. took me to Rock-ola. Tiffani and Sarah pick me
up. That is when I found out c.j was coming so we went to
go get Matt and then we went to C.J.'s house. We went in
for a minute then Matt and I rode with C.J.. Tiffani rode
together. So we go to Rock-ola and we had to wait on
Tiffani and Sarah to get there C.j. drives really fast in
the day. So they finally got there and we were having a
good time talking they said I wasnt but I was I'm just not
much of a talker while I am eating I dont know why. So I
got my little singing to of the staff and my free sunday.
It was good. Then I got this hat and a purple balloon.
But Sarah still has my Balloon. So we didnt have that much
time so they said they would take me out again when we have
more time to do something. So we decided to go to the mall
and walk around. So Sarah walked to her car and me and
Tiffani went and jump over some parking things. That was
pretty exciting:). Then they let me sit in the front since
I was the birthday MAN:). So we went to the mall and went
in Old navy and I tried on these leather pants and a
sweater. C.J. took some pictures and I want to see them.
We walked around some more Matt took me in some brothers
store and said I need to get hooked up. Then we left and
C.jj was like ask your mom if you can stay with me. I said
ok and got Matts phone and called then my mom she said she
didnt care. It was going to be me and c.j. but when we
were backing up Tiffani came and beat on the window. I
dont know aobut c.j but that scared the crap out of me. I
was glad she rode with us though. We started singing
Eminem in c.j's car that was pretty kool went seen matt an
dSarah a couple of times. then we got home Tiffani and
c.j. decided to meet at c.j house at 7:15 and Tiffani gave
me my hug, which I liked a whole lot. Then me and C.j went
back to his house. He said I was taking them tomorrow so
just tell his mom if she asked. Then we went in his room
and he cleaned a little bit and then we watched a movie.
Then C.Jj said he had to go to bed so we did. I could nto
o to sleep at first but once I did I slept good. Then in
the morning his mom made us Biscuit and gravy and eggs. I
liked that she did that but c.j. probably was like why
didnt he eat his eggs. I am alergic to eggs plus the smell
gets me to. Then we waited for Sarah and Tiffani. THey
never came and C.J. called and found out they were driving
themselves. We hurried up and left. then he forgot his
admission slip so we had to go back. we got at my house
like at 7:40 and it takes around 30 minutes to get there so
I dont know if he made it or not. Then the rest of my day
sucked big time. I got hit on today but she was 7 years
old. I was tried and she came up to me and said why the
long face i said I am tired. then she ask more question
hobbies and and fav sport and things like that. Then she
said Who is your g/f and i was like man she moves quick I
was like nobody and then she left so I got up. We stayed
there for the longest time and it was boring. Then I came
home and slept some and slept some more. Then talked to
Matt and then slept some more. Then I woek up ate from
wendys and then I slept some more. I mean I have jsut been
tried today and I am probably going to be up all night
long. On the good side my grandma is taking me to the mall
tomorrow and I am going to see Tiffani so that will bring
some sun shine to my day.:) She is beautiful. Well I guess
I am done for now.#3