My life as Trick
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2001-10-13 23:55:36 (UTC)

Guaranteed New and Improved!

After searching through a number of online journals, I
decide to start with this one. My criteria was simple:
free. I was pleasantly delighted to find that I was also
going to be able to have this site email me with
notification that I had neglected to write. This is
crucial: I have a collection of journals from 1990 - 2001
that are sitting on my shelves with little more than 20
pages filled out; the majority of the pages were filled in

a)What had happened since I neglected the previous journal

b)My FERVENT DESIRE to keep the journal going "this time",
because "this time" was going to be the time that I managed
to turn my almost-habit into a true commitment to recording
my dreams, achievements, disappointments, and failures.

But I make the statement today that THIS WILL BE THE TIME.

...I give it two weeks.