my name?

my boring life
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2001-10-13 23:51:23 (UTC)

Ha fun

friday i went to the school dance with Casey and Sam in the
begining it was madd boring...dan and all them were there.
Amanda me and casey were all dancing...for a while then
casey n me were grinding with mike..then i was grinding
with nick n jeff n some other ppls idk there
girls from litchfield snuck in so that was cool...I had
sooo much fun its so cool! It was suppose to be a jungle
rave but they didnt play any jungle music, only like trance
and rap? idk! its all good~there are so many hot guys in my
school! its great! Casey and Sam crashed at my house it was
mad fun...then the next morning or afternoon or whatever u
wanna call it...we went to some diner for breckfast...the
food...was..kinda not good! I saw chris there so it was
better! then sam n casey went home and i just kinda chilled
all day!, kinda boring but hey its better than working!
well i got nothin to say so BYE!