Inside me
2001-10-13 22:26:04 (UTC)

My labret piercing by Eric (Soul Survivors) on october the 13th, 2001

Well today I had my labret pierced by Eric at soul
survivors. I can't even express how impressed I was with
him. First of all,everyone there was very nice. On the
wall were certificates that the piercers earned including
Eric. The friendly front desk guy told me that basically
Eric has been piercing a very long time and is probably the
most experienced and qualified he knows. Eric made the
exception to pierce my labret using a labret stud en lieu of
using a captive bead ring. He did warn me however that it
doesn't heal as well as a piercing in which a captive bead
ring was used because it is easier to clean. I was
determined. I missed my old labret so bad. Eric made the
exception for me because of work reasons. When I got in
the room with him, he showed me how the needle and the
jewelry were both new and sterilized in their own packages
and unwrapped them in front of me, he then showed me all
the other instruments he was to use on me..forceps et
cetera and that they were all re-usable but they were well
sterilized in packages as well. He unwrapped those in
front of me as well. He then spent some time marking the
spot where he wanted the piercing. He would make a mark
and stand back and look at me like he was sizing it
up..like an artist does with a painting. This took him a
while which showed that he really cared about his work and
wanted to make it perfect. He did. He wasn't in a rush
even though he had others waiting. Thats quality. During
the process, he kept asking me if I was all right...which
showed he cared. I was. I was really excited and was
trying hard not to smile. It didn't really hurt at all.
He told me to take a deep breath and it was over in two
seconds. He showed me how he throws the needles out after
each use. He was really professional about it. I was so
happy and I told him. I smiled when I looked in the
mirror. It was so beautiful and I told him how impressed I
was with his work. He then cleaned up my piercing and went
over the aftercare with me in full detail and answered my
questions. He gave me cleaning solution and wrote down
other things on the after care instructions that I should
think about buying. He wrote down when my check up
appointment should be and then he patted me on the sholder
and I left smiling. I would definitely recommend going to
Eric at Soul Survivors to get any piercing. I can't
imagine anyone being more caring, gentle, or qualified.
I'm so impressed. What a wonderful experience!!!!!