My Life.............
2001-10-13 21:56:33 (UTC)

just another day............

i wish Chris would come online, he comes on then leaves, i
dont think i did anything to make him mad, hes probably
just busy, i hate when i do this, i start talking to a guy,
and get attatched to him, then find out he doesnt feel the
same way, and hes alot younger than me, and so gorgeous,
how can i expect him to like me, thats a joke.:( but hey,
as long as we remain friends, ill be happy, i wont make the
same mistake i did with jeff, ill control myself this
my sister called again this morning, i dont care if they
are pissed or not, im not babysitting anymore! thats her
problem, she needs to break down and pay someone, of course
ill look like the bad guy, i always do!
I dont know if A. is going out tonight or not, she said
she was, but, of course she changes her mind so much, ill
get ready just in case......
of course i have to say how much i miss Jeff!!!! i miss
him so much! please, oh, please, let him come back into my
life!!!! i keep trying to remember, that if its meant to
be, itll be, he will come back, uuugghhh!! i wish i knew
what was going on in his head! i know he cared, and i know
you just dont stop caring about someone bcause of a fight,
im so tired of thinking!!!:(