Zone of Misfortune
2001-10-13 21:43:56 (UTC)


All right then, i have just created my journal so i can
record how much of a moron i am now and to see in a year or
so if i got any better, worse, or the stayed the same.

Presently, many things are troubling which made me rexamine
myself and see what the hell i want to do for the rest of
my life. Playing a lot of guitar lately, but i doubt
that's going to get me anywhere. Also been eating way too
much potatoe bread for some reason, stuff is just so good,
and i usually just eat it from the package, about 2 or
three slices...

Anyway...i hope i actually can get on the computer and
write in here again, my dad the Internet Nazi, might keep
me off for a couple of days, but i can always go on at

It for now

Current Status: LIVE SUX