Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-10-13 21:10:42 (UTC)

KICKED THEIR ASSES!!! Marshall...what a sweetie 10/13

Last night KICKED ASS!!!

First off I got a call from Marshall, this cute guy I gave
my number to. He is really sweet. He has the CUTEST
ACCENT!!! He is from Tennesse. Its so freaking cute! lol I
talked ot him about baseball, the only GOOD sport, and
football. Ok in my family I grew up with baseball and
learned to LOVE it. However, football was never really
taught to me cause it wasn't something they thought a girl
would like...yet they thought a girl would like baseball
LOL So I was talking to him about that. He says that he can
NEVER find a girl who loves baseball like he does, and he
NEVER EVER find a girl who likes both. I mean I probably
would learn to like football if some one bothered to get me
into it! He said he could always try =) I was fine with the
idea! But he had to go cause his friend wanted him to go
with him somewhere.

Then Danielle, my buddy, called and she wanted to know if I
would like to go with her to the Mitchell vs. Wasson game.
Mitchell is my school and Wasson is our HUGE RIVAL. I mean
we HATE this school! LOL. Well I of course said yes! Its
the BIGGEST game of the year!!! Everyone goes! I mean the
stands are FILLED! hehe Plus grad's come back to watch it!
hehe So I went with her and her cousin Kevin. Kevin is a
freshman. Well when we are going in to buy the tickets we
see this guy behind us who we both SWARE we know! Well
turns out its Jeff from Irving Middle School. LOL So then
we go to sit down and all Danielle can do is say how hot
Jeff looked. Well for some reason I was feeling VERY open!
LOL. So I went up to him and said, "Ok My friend and I were
wondering if you would like to sit with us, because you
look bored." He said he would love to. So we all sat down
and were joking around. I asked him tons of questions cause
Danielle wasn't saying shit! LOL. He goes to Hilltop High
School now. He is almost 17, plays football and sings in
two chiors. I thought I was being VERY helpful for
Danielle... even though I foudn myself likeing Jeff too.
But I knew Danielle was going nuts for him, so I was
whatever. Then I got him to tell her he liked her. (Score
for me!) Then I got then sitting next to each other. But
then we remembered Danielle's boyfriend Chad was coming at
9pm. So Danielle told him. Jeff was perfectly fine with
seeing her. So I got them to agree on that Danielle WILL
see Jeff and if she DOES sleep with Jeff then she knows
that she should not be with Chad. It worked out just fine
too! =)

We won 48 to 7!!!! WE FUCKING KILLED THEM! lol Wasson
always gets thiers ASSES KICKED!

Well it was about 10:30pm when I got home. I gave Marshall
a call and left a message that if he wanted to go out to
give me a call. I passed out at about 11:30pm.

When I got up this morning I was logging into Yahoo and his
message popped up. Wanted me to leave a message on his
phone and he would be sure to give me call and that he was
sorry he missed me cause he really wanted to go out and
spend some together. aawweeee =)

Well he did call me back, like maybe 30 minutes after I
called him LOL. He said that he tried calling my house last
night at about 12:30, but no one picked up. (My dad turned
off the phone)

So we talked for about 30 minutes or so this morning. I
asked when he got off tonight. He doesn't LOL. He works
till 9 am (UGH). Then I asked what he was doing tomorrow
and if he liked country music. He said nothing and yes I
do. I asked if he would liek to go to Cowboys with me for
my birthday. He said he would love to. Just had to make
sure he didn't have to work night shift, 6pm to 2am. And if
he does he wants to get together before 6 and just hang
out. LOL so its all good =) hehe


Well I got to run!

See ya!


P.s. I hope Jarod is doing ok in the field... I miss him..

Ok if any of you are confused about the Jarod Marshall this
here is the explanation. I am not seeing Jarod OR Marshall,
as in boyfriend/girlfriend. I am dating them..trying to
figure out who I like more, who likes me, who would be more
likely to stay... That help?

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