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2001-10-13 21:10:10 (UTC)

I get to spend 4 days at his house....SEX IS FOR SURE! =) 10/12/2001

Bad news

Yeah I'm talking to Jarod right now and turns out that he
has to leave for the field tomorrow, so he won't be abel to
come down today or at all. He gets back Wednesday. =(


He is going to come down Thursday and I am going to spend
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with him. =) He
wants me to stay at his place! He likes that idea WAY
better =) Me too!!! hehe Which means TONS OF SEX FOR ME!
SWEET. I mean this guy is sweet as hell. He is so nice.
hugging and holding me. Kissing me all softly hehe... YAY
=) *wink* You KNOW I will be getting it on! LOL

So I'm a little sad that I can't spend my birthday with
him, but I'm STOKED that I get to spend most of next week
and weekend with him!!!! hehe. Best of all its at HIS
HOUSE! hehe =) YAY for me!!! "SEX IS GOOD. NONE IS BAD!"


Well its cold here and I want to go grab a sweater!

See ya!


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