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2001-10-13 21:09:18 (UTC)

What a weird mood I am in! 10/10/2001

I am SO stoked! I talked to Jarod again tonight. I didn't
think I was going to be able to cause he said he had a lot
of paper work to get done today. I totally can not gte
enought of that boy. He is SO sweet to me. Telling me how
sexy he thinks I am. How he can't wait to hold me and kiss

I definitly think that I am going to ask Jarod out when he
comes down. God I REALLY REALLY hope he can come down. Even
for just a while!!! You know? He alreayd knows I want to.
Hell when I told him I wanted to ask him he said, "Good!"

*sigh* =)

Well yeah I'm so in a weird lovy dovy mood *smiles evin
grin* =)

I get to start typing my Case study on my friend Jennifer
tomorrow. Considering its due Friday LOL. hehe Oh well. I
started it today. Went over the basic stuff. So I should eb
just dandy! hehe =) LOL Jennifer is an easy person to write
about. Hell I see her everyday!!! Plus we have the same
friends. Isn't that odd? We have the same friends. Hell we
even deal with the same problems. Guys, school, work, and
family wise. I guess thats why we are such good friends. =)

I did shit today. I guess the 9th and 10th graders in my
high school were taking this important test during 2nd and
4th period. All of which the seniors and juniors got to be
bored in classes that aren't theirs. It was sort of funny.
We did nothing but talk ALL DAY LONG! hehe Plus I had shit
to do in my classes as it is! I mean nothing in 2nd but
check my email. In 3rd we did nothing, but talk about our
dreams. During 4th we went to a different room and I asked
these two gusy friends to see if any of the girls in my
magazine were pretty...they didn't think ONE girl was
pretty. NOT ONE! In 5th I was talking to Mr. Jungling about
the Forensic team. I picked my scrip for it too. LOL. Its a
really sad one! So he wasted that class period. During 6th
I forgot my cloths so I got to watch them play the game we
have to play for liekt he next week before I swich off into
the swimming class. I get to teach! YAY ME! And during 7th
I went with Jennifer cause she had to take a volenteer
picture for Penrose Hospital. LOL I also wrote this LONG
ASS letter to Shannon about Nick and Jarod.

Which reminds me...what the hell am I going to do about
Nick??? I mean...hell I almost slept with him... that has
to mean I still care about him right?

But I'm REALLY REALLY into Jarod...and I REALLY want to be
with him...

UGH men... grrrr

Help please???

wI think I figured out what to do with my period LOL.

*wink wink*

See ya!