aris' thoughts
2001-10-13 21:01:33 (UTC)

new baby

i spent a nice night with Mistress...smiles...She said She
was going to take a break for a while from computer this
weekend so i have been making myself busy too. my home
family has been missing a pet for a week sense having to
put our dog Boo down, she had cancer. it was hard on all of
us but today we have brought home a new friend. a faded
calico kitten, full of life and energy and the sweetest
little kitten i have see. She is already litter trained and
seems to love her new home already. i went and got her some
toys and a scratching post. Beck and Ty have named her
mittens cause she has four white paws. my new baby to all is well at home but Tyler is sooooo
tired he had 6 hours training today and looks like hes
going to fall over at any second, poor thing. tomorrow is
Church but no ccd for Beck cause she has an outing with her
scout troop. so will get her room cleaned tomorrow, *it
needs it really bad* looking foward to the game
tonight by now i am sure whenever i say 'the game' it is
known i am referring to hockey and my Devils...hope they
win tonight, they have not won a game yet record is 0 and
2, NOT like the Devils at maybe i am just a
sore looser?? ohhh bob and i after much consideration of
Halloween have decided this, we will take kids trick or
treating and let them have fun but we will buy them candy
they can eat and just despose of what they get. it seems
the safest way and i will explain to them that it must be
this way and its for their safety. so that is that. to get
back to my Mistress and i am being careful here, i know
that with bob home its hard for me to get on but it really
bothers me that She helped a sis of mine so much that
Mistress feels mentally drained so drained that Shes taking
the weekend off. well i am glad its coming to an end. the
constant ims with my Mistress and things just bothers me a
great deal especially when they are not asked for in the
first place. i mean, i wouldnt do it to my sis and i find
this behaviour somewhat rude and disrespectful to me. not
going to dwell on this or let my feelings on this risk
anything with Mistress but it does bother me a great deal.
well this is all for today, more tomorrow