2001-10-13 20:05:31 (UTC)

Invading A Town Near You

I just e-mailed Shannon and asked if she could copy the
Invader Zim episodes for me if I payed her (is it just me,
or did I spell paid wrong?). I hope she says yes because I
am tired of all my friends not knowing how cool and bitchin
Invader Zim really is. I would tape the episodes myself,
but I think the only time my VCR was able to record was
back in the 80's.

Thanx to Shannon, I have become interested (obsessed) with
The Onion (it's a newspaper, guys). It's designed for the
satirical intellects (are there really any other kind of
intellects? Nope.) and is highly amusing. I enjoyed
reading through the various articles and am currently
thinking about asking for a subscription to it for

I am kind of hoping that Adin (a friend of mine) calls,
mainly because he has failed to do so in the past. He is
such a fucker, but he is my friend so who really cares?

I didn't realize it was possible for pointe to be so
awesome and yet suck so very, very much. I am hoping that
my feet will soon be in less pain. My mom asked if my feet
were really in pain or if they were just uncomfotable.
That's it, my feet are uncomfortable. The throbbing bursts
of agony that shoot through my toes are really

Keep it real homies.

My endorsments:
Invader Zim Obsessive Anonymous
The Onion

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