Ugly on the inside
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2001-10-13 19:46:04 (UTC)

Quiet NIN

i'm listening to NIN right now and it's soooo beautious...
haha. anyways. i'll recap on the past weeks' events. i went
to the hockey meeting and i'm signed up. i have to go to
the parents meeting because mine are going on a cruise.
stupid fundraising stuff. now i'm listening to Hatebreed...
interesting combination.
i went to a concert thursday night. it was awful. i didn't
even get to see Ransom. the whole reason i went to begin
with. today is such a crappy day. i've got nothing to do
and no one to hang out with.
i could call tim but i tried to last night and was
unsucessful in getting ahold of him.
last night i also cut my hand on bread. not the knife but
on the actual bread. (we were trying to make bread crumbs)
the bread was harder than the brownie cutting board we made
eh, i gotta find something to do today. other than
homework. next week is spirit week. i'm kinda excited about
it. i don't have any idea why. well maybe because A. monday
is PJ day and i don't have to get up early to shower and
what-not and B. thursday is rock star day (we're going as
Kittie) and C. i'm going to homecoming with Cody. =-)
i'm in a weird mood right now. kinda like the mood where
you are hungry but don't want to eat... because you feel
like you're also full. it's weird.

"this is not some sort of trend. straight edge is who i am"-
Evision "proud to be"..... what i'm listening to right now