the USA soul
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2001-10-13 19:25:59 (UTC)

La fecha de hoy es el trece de..

La fecha de hoy es el trece de Octubre and it's already
saterday, this week passed very quickly. We worked on our
psychology project. With a group of four we had to do an
experiment. We walked up to strangers and said thank you.
Most people gave us dirty looks like we were crazy,others
asked for what and a couple just said your welcome. We had
a lot of fun doing it. Yesterday after working on the
poster at Kevin's house, he brought me home and on the way
home he asked me: have you ever had a slurpee before? A
what? So we stopped at a place to have a slurpee= a frozen
pop (they use the pop for soda)
Thursday was the day of the compliments, first a boy from
band came up to me and said : you have beautiful eyes and
five minutes later mister Orht (bandteacher) asked me if my
mom is as beautiful as I am. Of course I said yes, watch
out papa!!!! :0)))
This morning I went with my liaisan and her daughter to a
craft show, it was fun and I got some nice things.
Tomorrow we are going to close the pool, it is to cold to
swim now, it is raining a lot and the temperature is around
10C here.