the blue period

Spanning Time
2001-10-13 18:53:43 (UTC)

pathetic self misleading

Alright, I've had enough of this hot weather. What the
hells wrong with this place. Isn't it supposed to be
cooling off now? Instead, it's hot and dry and I'm getting
just a wee bit tired of this. Is this that greenhouse
effect shit that I've heard so much about? Damn
terrorists!!! Now they're gonna make it permanently summer
with there Weather controlling devices, just to piss me
off. . Ok, so maybe I've been too bored at work and
playing too much Red Alert 2. Only out of boredom. So
yeah, I'm still trying to find a new job, and it's not
working out too well. I think I'm gonna have to cut my
hair. Eh, to hell with that. If looking like a shaggy
slob means I can't work somewhere, then I don't want to
work there.... yeah right. I think it's time to bring the
mustache back. Mustaches rock. Mustache rock? Sounds
like a bad musical genre. Probably somewhere between Queen
and the Village People. Disco Rock Operas. Fun stuff.
Laugh now, but you'll be the first to get on the Disco
Mustache Rock Opera bandwagon when it breaks mainstream.
Hell, some of you were stupid enough to get on the Rap Rock
bandwagon. Now we've got shit bands like Limp Bizkit and
Godsmack setting the bar for musical production. Shouldn't
be too hard for anything and everything to make it big now
that these guys have successfully lowered the standards to
absolute crap, and don't even get me started on this
frightening power pop situation. Well, maybe I should
clarify. Basically, it's this: the whole novelty of Weezer
was ok ('was' being the operative word now that they've
released that crap green album), but now there are a
countless amount of bands that sound and act like they are
Weezer. Doesn't anyone see how incredibly lame this is? I
know alot of you wished that you could have been there when
Weezer first came out, but you weren't, and being there for
a new band that is a complete and total Weezer copy doesn't
make you as cool as you think. In fact it makes you just
as stupid and unoriginal as the band you are into. Oh
well, I guess people just want to bounce around to happy
music and feel a part of something. Ignorance is bliss.