Electric monkey
2001-10-13 18:44:50 (UTC)

10-13-01 [windy`er then a...a.. day in chicago]

so yeah, its really windy out and i watched the weather and
looks like a mega amount of rain is coming. yep. so, i
really want to see the movie Corky Romano. maybe sometime
this week we can go see it. i would today, but i dont know
everyone elses plans because i was planning on going out of
town. but we didnt cause of the weather. sooo... yeah. now
i dont know what everyone is doing so ill just stick around
at home i suppose. yeah.
i dont have much to say really. juts sitting here in a
daze. trying to remember all the dreams i had last night.
the ones i can remember were very strange. as usual.
just started raining. wow. =P
think ill go now. i want to call someone.