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2001-10-13 18:07:30 (UTC)


I don't exactly understand people.All I want to be is Godly
young lady with the dream life and a perfect house and no
money problems. Actually I wouldnt mind if I was still in
this situation. It's mainly Ilene and her family. I dont
want them to be broke and have to suffer because my parents
arent responsible. Ilene always uses her money to buy me
stuff and there isnt a time I can remember when I did with
out something crucial. It's just that everytime I get
soemthign her son, Paris, or her mom or herself suffer.
They are just so loving, and their love is unconditional.
No matter how much of a brat I am they still love me. Gah.
I jsut wish I could pay them back somehow. Anyways. I'm
watchin MTV and I keep getting distracted.I'm out. God Bless