random mumblings
2001-10-13 16:19:34 (UTC)

i buckled and i'm a moron...

here's an email i sent today...i can't rationalize it yet,
but i think i'm doing the right thing

it was good to see you again last night! after you guys
left last night, me and kev got talking and he called me an
ass for writing that uncalled for email and that you were a
little upset. i'm truly sorry about that...i don't really
want to get into it, but kevin basically convinced me that
i was out of line (and possibly directing my anger in the
wrong direction) and i agree and i apologize. hopefully
there's no hard feelings...the reason i'm emailing you
(again) is that if you're ever not busy between 1-9:30 from
saturday-wednesday, i'm still bored at work and i miss my
messenger buddy :) i don't want/expect a reply to his
email :) but if you don't want to be messenger buddies
again, for whatever reason, that's totally cool and
understandable. also, if you guys are moving on the 1st or
2nd and need an extra set of hands, that's thursday and
friday, so i'm off, let me know and i'd be more than happy
to help out. also it's too bad that the website and the
IKEA thing didn't work out...i'm sure you'll find something
fantastic in no time! if you don't believe me a)
read "phenomenal woman" and build up your self-esteem ;) or
b) look at your portfolio and look at all the good stuff
you've done. :) well that's it for me...i've gotta get
ready for work.

take care of yourself and maybe hear from you soon,

i'm an idiot and i still have feelings and i hope she tells
me to go to hell...actually i hope she doesn't but again i
like everything to be in the open and i do miss her as a
messenger buddy :)

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