Reality Bites
2001-10-13 16:12:21 (UTC)


Today is homecoming! Last night I babysat til 12 then I
came home and crashed til like 1 or 2. Tammy's at it
again....she's trying to get Jenn now, Im so over this, Tim
thinks I should slap her and she her who's boss lol. Not
much I can do, but I'll do something. Jenn says she was
totally my friend first and she wouldn't do that to me, but
I dunno, I sorta think she might. Oh well, I cant worry
about it I guess. Today at 12:30 I'm getting my hair done
and nails, and then I might go to the game depending on
when I get done, then we're meeting at Kiera's house for 10 of us, and then going to dinner at this
hella fancy resteraunt and then goin to the
dance..Afterwards, I think we're goin back to Tims' til 12
or 1 and then Alyss is sleeping over(LOL her mom would be
pissed if we came back messed. lollers, mine probs wouldnt
even know) I dunno we might go to this one senior/frosh in
college party, I hella want to, but Im dont know if we
will. Rob and I should have TONS of fun. Yesterday was
jersey day and I wore Rob's football jeresey. It smelled
hella good! I miss all that about a bf, cologne, hugs,
someone to get excited about seeing at school, all that. I
dunno if the thing w/ Hot senior chris will work or not,
but the Jesse thing might just. Everyone is telling me that
we'd be really cute together, and oh what is this?! First
thing yesterday morning when I was walking into school he
goes, "I broke up w/ my girlfriend Smoochie!" and he was
all smiley..I was like "Oh Smooches thats too bad! Im sorry
are you ok?" like completely smiling too and he goes, "Yea
Im fine" and smiles and then I go to class. Then yesterday
I passed him a note saying I really hope his day was good
and how he should find me at the dance cause I hella wanted
to dance with him tomarrow. He turned around cause this was
in class and then he goes, "Of course, absolutely" smiley.
I was like AWW! I gtg I'll write later!