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2001-10-13 16:08:15 (UTC)

What the hell am I doing here?

Ok, let's be honest. The internet is a bunch of crap. No
one can deny it can they? The only people to actually surf
the 'net are forty year old perverts looking for some
virgin teen called Samantha (
who really will become a teacher someday (keep reaching for
that rainbow, honey) and teenagers. Myself being the latter
of the two. Hell, I'm online all the time but then, what
else can a teen do in a two bit town like this? I am a
fully fledged, and original, chat rat. Chatting's what I
do. I've been doing it for years and I'll still be doing it
when I'm forty (hopefully not while looking for Samantha).
The chat rooms are a haven for the teens of the world, and
more commonly, the teens of America. In a chat room you can
be who you want to be, and not who you really are. Does
everyone lie in chat rooms? I think so. I can't believe an
18 year old hottie with blonde hair, perfect legs and 34DD
breasts would spend her time in a chat room. I don't buy it
for one second. It's all a sham right? Wrong. The chat room
wasn't created for everyone to be themselves, it was merely
created to find new friends, maybe even find love, but
mainly it's goal is to entertain. In a chat room you can
hang out with people you wouldn't usually hang out with in
real life. People don't realize that it's all about
entertainment. Why should the geek tell everyone that he's
5' 2"? But chat rooms aren't the be all end all of the
internet. There's so much more to it, even if it's all
crap, or porn, or adverts, or all together at the same
time. The most commonly searched word on the internet is
sex, followed by mp3. But why watch a 'live' (yeah right)
webcam of a girl who is 'unsuspecting' (are you buying this
crap?)? Why not just go get laid by a whore or, better
still, your partner. Then the adverts. Will they never
cease. You can't go on one website with out an advert for
(yep, u guessed it) porn coming up, or the latest computer,
available to you for only $29 (get real). And once you
click the hyperlink you're whisked away to another world.
No longer in the safety or comforts of yahoo!. Now you're
facing a new world. 'Click the monkey to win $20', 'See my
webcam, I'm hot' and 'Buy this DVD and get this Ferrari
free'. You're compelled to click, just to see if you can
click the monkey, just to see if she's really hot, just to
see how much that DVD really is. That's it. Now you're
really getting lost. New sites with new adverts come up.
You want to try them all out, but your computer is getting
slower. You try to go to hotmail when another advert
catches you eye. You're a lost cause by now and all because
of that one small advert saying, 'Get a new cell 'phone for
just $5'. If you hadn't clicked it you wuld still be safe
in the arms of MSN. But is the internet just chat rooms,
porn and adverts? Yes, almost certainly. But if you're
lucky you can actually get information through the 'net
(carzy as it may sound). You can get info on movies,
military, cars, houses and a whole lot of other things. But
where's the fun in that? If I want info I'll go to the
library I hear you cry. Music is another big issue when it
comes to the internet. MP3's if you will, are big things.
Downloading your favourite tunes with out ever actually
buying the album or single? Sounds great doesn't it? Yep,
sure does. But It's still stealing, whatever way you look
at it. Say you make a dozen cakes and you put them on a
stall. How would you feel if some punk kid just took his
favourite one (say, the one with jam and cream in) and you
didn't get any money for it. You'd feel cheated. You lost
out on 20 cents all because that brat wanted his favourite
food with out paying. But there's no way it'll stop. It's
like marching through Central Park saying you want to stop
television being watched. It won't happen. And so this
brings us to the end of this weeks look on the world as it
stands. I have just one question left for you all. Is
looking at porn and clicking adverts for money you'll never
receieve and chatting to teens with nothing better to do
how you want to live your life? Yes.

Steve Clark
[email protected]