Squeeb's world
2001-10-13 15:56:05 (UTC)

The 19th or 26th?!

K, oh man. Was I right or was I right last night? I was in
my pjs by 7 and in bed by 11! Help! And I did quite a bit of
homework last night and this morning so I have earned a
So this morning I saw the commerical for "On The Line"
for the first time. I have seen previews, yes, but I had yet
to see the commercial. Needless to say I squealed. I soooo
want to see that movie! The only problem is there's
confusing reports as to when it opens. I saw the commercial
twice today and once it said "Oct 19" and the other time it
said "Oct 26". I've had these conflicting reports in
magazines and in the previews as well. So which is the true
opening date? The 19th or the 26th? It'd be a good thing to
know! I can't wait to see Lance and Joey! And that movie
looks so good anyways. The only thing that ticks me off is
that it's coming out basically at the same time as
"Serendipity" and they both basically have the same story
lines. Oh well.
K, a little confession. I have been talking to this guy
on messenger for oh, a little over a month. He goes to my
school and he thought I was pretty cool cuz I'm way into
sports like he is. So he bugged and bugged me to call him
and well, I don't really like calling people but after a
long while I gave in and gave him my phone number. He
called me and we talked for like an hour and a half. It was
pretty cool. I was all scared cuz I thought I'd be like all
nervous and stuff but actually it was pretty normal. He's
pretty cool. Lol, however now he seems to have disappeared.
I haven't seen him on messenger for two days so I'm all like
"Oh man, maybe he thought I was a dork." Who knows.
I delved into the obsession this morning. Couldn't help
it. I needed a little study break so I started watching
N'SYNC on Ananda. K, this'll sound weird but this one girl
was all like "And my dream is to get a hug from Justin..."
and he came up and hugged her. Now normally I would make fun
of these people but, I can honestly say that it would be a
dream come true for me to hug JC. I would LOVE to hug that
man! And I've said it time and time again. I would give
like my 2 front teeth to hug him. So it's not such a weird
Anyways I think I'll head back to the books. Later
gator. Oh yeah the Petes lost 6-4 to the damn 67s last
night. Oh well. Kurtis scored though. And no! I'm not
obsessed! Oh Matt H. scored too- he got the first one Tiff!

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