once again
2001-10-13 15:43:38 (UTC)

should I?

it's 10:40 in the morning and Shawn hadn't called in a few
days. He said he would talk to me yesterday but like usual
he never called.So once again I feel like the jackass for
believing him. so...I'm up and awake...should I call him?
Or should I just keep sitting here wondering why he hasn't
called and why when we first started talking again he would
call all the time and now it's once a week if that. It
isn't fair to me because everything I do is about him and
every decision I make is with him in mind and what will
happen we he gets here...if he comes. When he does shit
like this he makes himself look like a peice fo dog shit.
But i'm the one who's always left wondering.