2001-10-13 15:22:02 (UTC)

laptops are fun

i'm at my dad's now. haven't been here in over a month.
i needed a vacation from everything at home.

yes i left Ralph at home too. she needs the rest. though
the thought came to mind that i should bring her with me. i
almost did too.

got one session left of bebop to d/l. last one- 26 - The
Real Folk Blues (part 2)
gods i'm sick.

speaking of sick- you know those graphing calculators that
can play games and what-not?
i figured out how to program mine. ^^ first started adding
in lines to my random insult generator, then started my own
i have issues i'll deal.
((btw, any good insults, plz tell me ^.^ x.))

smokey's (the cat here) been running around like a psycho
again. he just dashes across the room at like the speed of
light and swats at a plant or something.
no i do not feed the thing crack. ((i'm not one to share.))

not too much else is happening. i'm on my step-mom's work
laptop (it's pretty nice, i like it) and i gave my dad a
few lessons in web-page designing (kind-of).

AHHH!! I'M OUT OF MTN DEW!!! *runs to fridge and refills;
takes sip* ahhhh.... caffiene.... **crisis aborted**

rented a few anime's last night. kimera and pet shop of
kimera sucked goat nutz. it had no plot whatsoever.
should've been in the damn porn section.
pet shop of horrors however was rather interesting. i think
i may have to check if there's anymore eps of that one. it
was twisted in it's little 'moral of the story' things. the
only bad thing about it was the pet shop owner's eyes
freaked me out when they show up through his freaking hair.
(like the eye should be hidden, but it isn't) that, i
think, was it's only flaw.

*random tangent*
smokey's so adorable. i wish i could have a cat at home.
he's a grey-ish black kitten (only about a year or so old)
with a little bit of white on the tip of his tail, bottom
of his paws and some on his stomach. He's got big green
eyes too. HE'S SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! my dad looked at me
rather strangely when i called him Kuroneko-sama this
morning. i obviously had to explain.

*random tangent*
by the way, dad called me a communist again. it's kinda a
running joke now.

well, i'm gonna go find something else to do. probably go
on neopets. (i don't think i should put bootlegs of
photoshop and dreamweaver on a work laptop...)

^.^ x