.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-13 15:03:05 (UTC)

yesterday & lastnight

ok well school sucked yesterday, it was picture day, and i
didnt know it, but whatever, schrew the kids at school, we
raped the system and skipped some of carey's. i also met
jim (mike, fixation boy's, step brother) hes dark and a
little messed up, he has the most adorbale lisp, i can
hardly even take it, so then will picked us up by the end
of the day and we went to the gallery, (we saw craig too,
dont ask - he sorta blew us off) then we went to get
haricuts for will and julia and they looked nice, the boy
who was cutting hair at u.s. mail (where i was with will,
the rest were with julia) he has tragus piercings and
dickies shorts, i was swooning. anyway then we chill at
wills and play computer adn music, then stop by jarred's
and straight role to the party. thats where the TROUBLE

jarred is pissed cause alicia promised to come over
tonight, but she wasnt allowed, he was really pissed, so
refused to get out of the car, and because all the kids
inside hate us. so i was inbetween the whole place, it was
crazy, but thats not all, ALICIA WAS PISSED, it was her
damn party, i told him, DONT, just DONT break up with her
tonight, its her fuckin sweet 16 party, dont fuck her over
like that, and what the hell did he do, he fuckin broke up
with her, she was screaming/crying i was MAD, and told matt
that we were leaving NOW with jarred NOW! jarred wouldnt
come, we wait around untill past 9 for alicia to emerge and
cut the damn cake so we could get jarred the fuck out of
there, anyway, i wsas like FUCK THIS, we've been back and
forth for 2 hours, we're leaving, so i said fuck that, and
matt and i left, we were mad, we went bback to his house
and waited for will, not to arrive 2 hours later, they siad
they were right behind us, THEY WERENT, so then its almost
12 and i need to get home cause no one's home at matt's and
i cant sleep over, i kept calling around and finally found
will and jarred, i told them they need to drive me home,
they didnt have any gas, and matt cant drive past 11 i call
my mom and tell her im gonna be late and i want to stay
over, she was SOO MAD, shes all like, "ill come get you" so
will took matt's car with jarred to bring me home at 12:30
it was crazy. my wasnt that mad at the end she was all
like "i'm just happy you are home and not hurt" so maybe im
nt "grounded forever" haha

anyway, tangent, at the party, i was flirting MAJOR with
jim, he had a truck and i guess i wsa getting a little
cozy, alicia and i were all like marry us tonight. i told
him i wanted to have sex with him, he thought i was VERY
serious adn said "im too emotional for that" and launched
into this story about his old GF and her sexual problems
which turned into his sexual problems... it was crazy, so i
hugged him and got out of there, he was VERY cute, but a
little odd. i hope mike doesnt think im a whore, i was
just joking around.