The life of a hellraiser
2001-10-13 14:49:40 (UTC)

Nobody's Fool

Well, I've finally been getting the attention I have been
wanting from Ben and Vinny this week. Plus, I finally
talked to Ben about that rumor that involved him and
Colleen McGowan. He told me that they were just talking,
they weren't going out on a date. Thank God. I told Ben
that I don't care if he talks to her because he can do
whatever he wants. Who am I to stop him? You know what I'm
sayin'? However, if I see those two kissing in broad
daylight, it'll just kill me!! But I would get over it and
find some other guy or just wait for the relationship to
end (usually two months, with some luck). I don't tell him
who he can and can't talk to just because I don't like
them, even if he and I were going out. On thursday, I sat
somewhere else which I could get a good view of where
Vinny, Ben, Geoff, Seth, Heather, Michelle, and Krista sat.
I could get a good view of where Andy Patrick and his
friends sat as well. Anyway, when lunch was about to end,
Vinny Bowe was busy heckling Ben about getting with me. I
saw the two of them check me out as if I was a piece of
meat. I just smiled at them and chuckled. Then a few
minutes later, I saw Vinny and Ben talking to Brian Conner
after he had gotten a popsicle for himself. I guess they
were talking about me because I saw them both looking at
me, checking me out as Brian smiled at me. I think this has
something to do with what I heard Alicia Jenkins and
Catherine Toy talking about Alicia's current boyfriend,
Brian Conner. Anyway, I heard them talking about how Brian
had a crush on some girl who Alicia said did have a nice
body, but her face isn't that perfect. Plus they were
talking about the way that I walk, which is the runway
strut, swinging my hips ( which is something I cannot
control most of the time). I guess she was talking about
me, but it could be someone else. Since Brian and Alicia
are going out, I've kept a safe distance from Brian because
I don't want to make Alicia mad and I'm just not that kind
of a girl who steals other girls' boyfriends. When the
lunch period ended, Vinny came up to me when I was walking
to my 6th period class and said that Seth was having a big
party on Saturday night (tonight) with lots of beer. He
also told me Ben was going to be there and about what he
was like when he was drunk. I listened to him because you
never know when he might be telling you the truth and when
he might be fooling you, so I've played along. He started
talking about all of this on Wednesday, so by Thursday I
pretty much had this premonition that this was all a setup
to trick me. And not to mention the dream I had about
this "party" on Wednesday night. I was dressed in an outfit
that Ben would be able to take off of me in no time if he
decides to get it on with me if he gets too drunk and I'm
too drunk to resist him when I show up at Seth's house.
Seth answers the door and I ask him where the party is. He
tells me there is no party. I tell him oh, okay. And I
leave, humiliated that Vinny had fooled me. And yesterday,
after lunch had ended, I was half expecting Vinny to ask me
to hand over the $20 needed to purchase the keg of beer.
But he didn't so I knew that my hunch about this being a
setup was right. I'm so happy that I used my intuition on
this one. Despite the fact that I found the idea of going
to a party with beer rather interesting, especially when
Ben was going to be there as well.

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