2001-10-13 13:30:43 (UTC)


well it hasnt been very long since i last wrote but i
decided that i have better things to do with my time then
worry about lee. i've met this really nice guy named rob
and well he seems really sweet. if im not mistaken he likes
me too, or what he knows bout me so far(god help the boy
once he finds out everything, if he ever will) i'm just a
little afraid then if and whenhe finds out more shit bout
me he might get scared off or even i might scrae him off
byt being so pushy....arrrggggggghhhhhhhhh i'm so picky and
i cant help it! well i guess if he likes me then he likes
me the way i am if not then im not interested. what can i
say ive realised that i've only just started this diary
thing and already im going no way too much about my
pathetic love life hahahaha i'm so sad it makes me sad
pfffttt wtf? where that come from. i dunno..? my life is so
meaningless right now i dunt feel close to one
knows one seems to want to know me......i'm just
being paranoid and stupid.....i'm soooooo
bored......arghhhh the net seems to get more useless and
pointless and boring every tiem i get on......well i just
copied and pasted all this to rob and let him see what i
wrote in here becoz he wanted to see it....i dunno if it
was such a good idea and i'm scred of getting too close to
anyone these days getting hurt has played a major part of
my life recently and i dont want it to fed up
with it all......well best be off now..this time for
good...well for tonight anyways i must say though b4 i
leave that writing in here has made me feel so much
better... :)

well catch