Inside me
2001-10-13 08:52:06 (UTC)

what happened tonight?

well tonight I went to the west end cultural center with
kristy and kevin and kevin's friend ali and it was pretty
fun. Ali seems like a nice girl. The first band wasn't
that good. The second band called "paperback" was good.
Sixty stories was really good...reminded me of holly
mcnarland and they covered madonna's "Frozen" which was
really cool. After the show, I gave my number to this cute
guy i had been eyeing all night...he didn't seem that
interested cause he said he would think about it..I don't
get that. Oh well. After that I went out with my friend
amanda and we went to the brier which sucked..and these two
guys were all picking us up...then we went outside and this
other guy amanda knew was there so we went to a party with
him instead of the other two guys. At the party, the
people were nice but it was really smoky and i wanted to
leave so we did and then we drove around, went to 7-11 and
then went home...got home just ten minutes ago..right now
it's 3:52 am....tomorrow i'm getting my labret pierced at
1:30 at soul survivors down osborne...excited? yes.