Visions Of Life
2001-10-13 07:33:51 (UTC)

Becoming Slightly Obsessive...

Things seem to be going good.. we'll see what the next two
weeks brings.. I dont feel completly in control and because
of that, Im becoming a bit more obsessive in other areas..
Is this good? I think so.. But others may disagree.. Ah
well, fuck em..

I hate being poor.. lol.. I was at Hot Topic the other day
and they have the most beautiful gothic clothes and I cant
buy any cuz I am saving up all my money for my move.. Rah!
I could sell my plasma but Id feel kinda bad.. Hmmmm.. can
I sell my soul for money?? Id do it.. lol..

I have a new lust object.. Shakira.. lol.. I was watchin
her new video and she is one of the most beautiful women I
have ever seen.. And of course I love her accent.. and her
hair.. God damn! lol..

I hate insomnia.. and I hate the fact that I cant type
capital letters.. lol. Im having issues.. rah... and I have
class in like 7 hours.. *sigh* No sleep for Christine...
Soon that will be the story of my life.. I will have like
no free time.. It will suck but all in the name of money
and freedom..

Hmmm.. guess I dont have much to say.. So
goodnight/goodmorning.. whatever..