My Life.............
2001-10-13 07:27:28 (UTC)

what to do......

I got home tonight, checked my answering machine and there
were 4 messages from my older sister saying that my younger
sister needed me, she wants me to babysit tomorrow
(actually today), i dont think so, im so tired of everyone
depending on me, when i need help where are they all at??
no where! no one wants to help when i need it, im so sick
of being there for everyone else and not getting a thank
you for all i do! im tired of everyone expecting me to be
sitting at home waiting for them to call, i love my family,
i really do, but, they need to take control of their own
lives, especially my little sister, i guess that is partly
my fault, whenever she has needed me in the past, i was
always there, i just cant do it anymore, she never does
anything for herself, just like she was supposed to call
about child support,they found Tim, they sent her a letter,
and she had 10 days to call them, she said she was going to
come here to call, she never did, as far as i know she
never called, she bitches about money but yet when she has
a chance to get her child support she blows it.....
She knew how hard it was to raise one child, and she had a
lot of help from me, then she goes out and gets pregnant
again, well, im not helping this time, she promised before
she had D. that she wouldnt ask me to do it again, well,
she had him, and it didnt take her long to ask me to
babysit again! those kids are hers to take care of not
mine,shes there mother, not me! if everyone would stop
treating her like a child she would stand up on her own 2
feet, my gosh, my older sister runs out and buys her a new
t.v, then she keeps buying her oil for the trailor, she
needs to figure out how to do things for herself, she
thinks if she cries around we will feel sorry for her and
help her, well, im not anymore, and im sure ill hear it
from everyone, but, they havent been there like i have, let
her lean on them for a litte, im tired of it, i need to
straighten my own life out!!!