sammyboy Sam Al-Jafari

Sam Al-Jafari's Elective Diary
2001-10-13 06:58:43 (UTC)

Fraser Island Kicks Ass

So, where do I start?
I've just had three of the best days on the trip so far.
So I left Surfers on Monday and went up to Hervey Bay which
is the mainland departure point for Fraser Island which is
the biggest sand island in the world. Everyone who has ever
been there told me that it was amazing, but nothing
prepared me for the three days I was about to have.
However, it all started a bit crap actually!! The deal is,
you get put into groups of 8 people and get given a land
rover and a load of camping gear and they say 'come back in
three days'.
So, I get introduced to my group on the night before I go,
and there's one english guy (Joe) who is 37, 3 norwegians,
2 koreans and 1 Japanese. None of the foreigners speak very
good english so I am gutted. On the upside, only me and Joe
want to drive!! So, it became quite apparent that I was
going to have to improve things, so I went about taking the
leadership of my group upon myself and quite cunningly
getting the dominant members of three of the other groups
on side with me and persuading them to join forces with me.
In the end, I felt like an army general with 4 squadrons
under me, so that on the first night, I had pretty much
decided where 30 people were going to camp and that,
instead of staying in 4 groups, we were going to join
together and have one big campfire. It actually got a bit
embarrasing because people started asking my permission to
do things.
Nothing could prepare me for the island itself, and I can't
beging to describe it so you're going to have to wait for
the pictures.
The driving was fun, but it got a bit irritating because
the norwegians kept shitting themselves every time I went a
bit too fast.
All in all it was a great experience and I met some really
cool people.
I'm on my way to Airlie Beach now for I cruise around the