inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-10-13 06:20:38 (UTC)

mighty molly

well, i think im finally calm. my mind isnt moving @ ten
thousand miles per minute n e more, but that doesnt mean im
not still upset.

i dun kno wat 2 think about the stuff that's been going on
@ work. since everything's like, about behnaz n courtney,
it seems like i've been doing ok and i'm not in n e
trouble. but.. is that really the case? how do i kno what
they really think of me? =P cuz like... we're talking
about them when they're not here.. when *i'm* not there...
who knows what they say about me? i've been trying hard
not 2 mess up in that way, tho. i dont think i have, but
maybe i just dont kno it. -_-

i wanna stay there fer a long time, tho. im not ready to
do the whole job-thing again. i've just started getting
used 2 this routine! x_X and i want to keep working with
behnaz. i hope nothing happens to her. but i dont care
too much fer courtney... if n e thing, i really do think
she's the one that deserves this...