Blonde And Dangerous
2001-10-13 05:32:37 (UTC)

bump set spike it that's the way we like it whoo whoo let's use some punctuation now huh?

That title has just snagged my Whatthefuck award for
extremly annoyingly bad titles. (well, that sentence isn't
that great either... t'o well)
I have a slight feeling that I am going online diary mad
tonight. It's one of a few reasons. (1) I don't wanna go
to bed. (2) I'm not tired, and don't want to go to bed.
(3) I am scared of the big evil ladybug residing in my room
and I don't want to go to bed.
It's a combination of the three. I DON'T WANT TO GO TO
BED. I'm not tired, and I feel creative urges to write. I
don't have anything else to write, so I guess I'm just
going all out hog wild mad for you and other assorted
cliches for this tonight. Ah well.

"set it up!"