A goth's adventures in New Orleans
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2001-10-13 05:16:08 (UTC)

Feeling better....

Well, I've been netting almost all day and listening to
80's music. There's just something about 80's music that
makes me happy. Reliving my youth? I don't think so, they
weren't fun days. I just like the music. There's a
station here in New Orleans that only plays 80's music, I
I yelled a bit at T after I found out what all happened.
I'm gonna have to apologize to him when he gets home from
work. He didn't mean any harm, he just wasn't thinking and
wasn't listening, as usual.

Other news: Last week I was haning out at the Alley and it
was late and had a good buz going. The perfect combination
for strange conversations. It made me realize a few
thinks. I had *known* that I'd given up, I just realy
never realized it. Well, that conversation made me do so.
I'm going back to what I do best, being a leader. I've
decided to organize a picnic. I've made the posts about it
that I need to. I hope it goes well.