The many thoughts of Ann
2001-10-13 04:58:42 (UTC)

lots to say

well hey guys
sorry i haven;t written in a while. guess wut. on thursday
oct 3rd or something i broke my leg playin rugby and damn
did it ever hurt!!!! dont ever break ur leg if u haven't!
but ya more important things
i like coady on and off right now sometimes i like him alot
and then other times i dont as much. its weird. but u see
heres the thing since i have broken my leg ppl have been
really nice lol i mean coady for some reason wants to carry
me up the stairs every time i have to go up them! and well
this guy who i have always kinda liked since like grade 7 -
8 which is a good 3 or 4 years i dont really talk to BUT
BUT!!!!! today OMG he asked me out of the blue if i need
help with my bag. and me being stupid said nah i'm ok
thanx! i could have smacked myself!!! however thank god he
asked are u sure i mean it looks really heavylol so i let
him carry my bag!!!!!! he brought it to my class and we
talked on the way there. i couldn;t stop smiling after he
left it was crazy!!!!AND then after school he saw me again
and asked if he should carry my bag again. and me being the
moron i am said NO i'm fine AGAIN AHHH but luckaly lol he
said r u sure. hehe and ended up carrying my bag. he was
like ur gonna kill urself!!! (which means he cares!!!!) man
he is so sweeet. his name is LUKE GIRARD damn i think i may
just finally hook up with him!

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