Electric monkey
2001-10-13 04:39:47 (UTC)

10-12-01 [not only do i hear them, but i see them aswell!]

just got home from a night out.. yeah. i dont even know why
i go to those shows. i know why, it just turns bad
everytime though. but as soon as bacchus started playing i
was fine. =| among other things. plus they sounded really
good. they have come a long way. cardboard better watch
out. heh heh.... jk. but yeah anyway. i was coming home and
i was walking up the stairs and i happened to glance at the
basement window of my neighbors house [cause i hear
the 'music' coming from that direction] and to my surprise
there was a band down there. well of course. but i actually
saw them this time. instead of just hearing them. heh. yeah
i saw what looked like a bass and a guitar. yep. and i
heard drums. see, thats just sooo interesting for you...
well im home now. everything is ok.
i went to Franklin College today, instead of going to
school. it was a journalism convention thing. and jessica
and i are the only ones on staff that won something. we got
3rd place for communication graphics or something like
that. heheh.. we won a harvey award. yep. go us.
upon return from franklin jessica and i decided to watch
the best movie ever.. oh wait.. Blair Witch Project.
haha.... yeah.. we really did watch it though. hrm...
it was scary... =| heh heh...... um..
well.. ok.
i think i have to get up super early again tomorrow. im
playing a game! its called; "lets see how long lindsey can
last on no sleep! *cheer from the croud*" heh, well this
morning i got up at 5:30am, and tomorrow, if i go, ill be
getting up early again. heh. oops. and im still up. and ill
probably be up for a while cause i kick ass at Donkey Kong
Country [nsnes] oh baby. well off i go now. ive told you
enough. goodbye.