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2001-10-13 03:51:28 (UTC)

Parisa's House 10/12/01 10:55 pm

This is the first day I have used something even close
to this. I think i will like it because I love to type and
it is a Diary I dont have to be afraid of someone reading.
I can't take it other places though. Of course I could
always write stuff down on paper and re-copy it. Anyways.
Today i went over to Parisa's House. Parisa is one of my
friends. I'd have to admit that I dont feel like I have a
best friend. There are a few people that think I am there
best friend but they dont treat me like one even though I
treat them like. Parisa is so rich and so spoiled and
selfish. I almost dont think it's fair. But then again i am
trying to reformat my mind the way Paris taught me (my
brother). I was suppossed to go to the fair tonight but I
changed my mind and decided to buy a bible and a case for
it rather than ride a couple rides at the stupid fair. Even
though deeply I wish I could have gone. I'll live. Brother
Jason's birthday is Sunday. (Today is Saturday) Parisa has
so much money and she isnt even willing to buy him a
present. I have none...except 10 dollars I get for lunch
every week at school, and I am even willing to give that
up.Gah! What is her problem? Anyways I'll write back later.

~Forever Praising God