The life and times
2001-10-13 03:46:52 (UTC)

Another glorious day

Well lets see, the day started off as usual. I went to my
biological anthropology class and learned about different
types of monkeys.THen I came home and went back to bed.
After I woke up I was got the urge to learn more about
truffles, not the chocolate kind, the kind that I am very
familiar with, but the mushroom kind that is so rare. I
learned that wholesale prices for truffles are about 200$ a
pound, and retail can be anywhere frome 750 to 900$ a
pound. I was pleasently surprised! I found an interesting
company that sells oak seedlings inoculated with the lovely
truffle spores.It would take a few year before they started
producing at full capacity but after that I could make 2.5
million a year on 100 acres if everything worked
accordingly. Of course like always, this is probably just a
pipe dream, but hey this is my thought for they day, and if
anyone reading this can put my thoughts into astion, then
all the power to you. Oh yea, tonight I ran around with my
lil friend Kristen. She is so sweet, she reminds me of a
lil pixie in fairyland or some other plane of existance
like that.We were wondering around our fair college town
only to discover that there is no non-alcoholic
entertainment in this town. The economy of this place
depends on beer, college kids, and college kids drinking
beer. What about those sweethearts like myself who gave up
all my destructive habits for the girl I love? WHat about
me? What about Athrodator? This brings me to another
interesting point, that I found rather amusing, Sorority
girls. They are so funny, they talk like something straight
off the Ricki Lake show,they dress all slutty and wonder
why guys are only after their bodies, they go and get drunk
and sniff crack and act so proud about passing out on the
neighbors patio and waking up next to their dog. And for
some strange reason when they walk by, you get the
enchanting smell of cigarettes and Victoria Secret.WHich
coincidently is my favorite Ice Cream flavor.(just kidding,
I dont think such a thing exist, though it would probably
be a big seller) ANyway that is my rant and rave for the
night. I certainly enjoyed myself I hope you did too.
TOmorrow night I have the Ballet so stay tuned