the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-10-13 03:39:35 (UTC)


yeah so normally you are supposed to tell a little bit
about yourself just so people know who you are. its nice
to know things about a helps you to
understand there way of thinking
so i figured i would start over

i am a beautiful 5'3'"
i have long brown curly hair with blonde highlights
and the cutest disposition.....:)
im a freshman in college and
.........well thats me

id like to ask you all a ?
have you ever been disgusted with yourselves?
my attitude as of lately has been horrible...i mean i am
not a superficial person but the things i have found myself
thinking and saying are just horrid.
maybe i just need a weekend of relaxation
i am going away this weekend i have a play performance in
Quincy,Il im so excited. i have some major thinking to do
this weekend and a couple of decisions to make.
hopefully things will run smoothly

anyway i need to pack so im gonna wrap this up and head to
bed in a few. 6 am comes real early and way too soon
good night
sleep sweet and
dream the dreams only dreamers dream :)