Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
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2001-10-13 03:22:22 (UTC)

What is tha problem?

I was being raped by this haha, this boy said he was my cousin. That is tha only thing that attracted tha asailant. Six years later, I guess he thought he eating my boil off his rod. I clean myself before I let home. He spotted someone down tha street. Within two minutes he's eating chocolate, and looking me in tha eye.

Just think, If they would've let me in tha army. I would have been for nothing. This is hell man, people always try to prove something. It's not just my cousin, it's tha whole world around me. They want me in missery. I abandon all kin and friend to watch them so easily turn on me. U see I'm not tha one that is dumb.

I am not weak.

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