jon's babie forever
2001-10-13 02:33:21 (UTC)

Uh Oh...

This will be interesting...

Rachelle was talking with Grayson Wednesday, and he asked
about the guy I liked. Rachelle told him his first and last
name and guess what Grayson did.

Grayson went to church that night and found out who Jon
was. Then he went AND TOLD JON THAT I LIKED HIM!!!!!!! I
almost died when Grayson told me that. I did not want Jon
to know about that until Shanna was gone.

But I told Monique about it and she said that was actually
sort of good. Now that he knows I like him he might try to
get to know me. That is a good point.

So I am looking forward to Sunday. I'm excited to see what
happens. Let's just hope it will be a GOOD thing!

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