Where Life Leads
2001-03-07 13:11:07 (UTC)

Alrighty well I am having a..

Alrighty well I am having a pretty great day today,
nothing at all went wrong and I am soooo..... happy about
that. Although I did get upset at work. We had to put down
a dog that we had desexed yesterday and he was such a great
dog. I havent been upset like that for ages cause I am so
used to putting them down but he really was to good to go,
but it had to be done for his own good.
So I am also happier with Anthony at the moment as well
things are going great which is the best thing. I seriously
need to work on my self esteem problem. I also am obsesed
with my being over weight (which I am not like some little
girls who seem to think they are)I really need to do
something about it if anyone has any ideas it would greatly
appreciated :)
Best be off,