jon's babie forever
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2001-10-13 02:13:42 (UTC)

What Happened?

I wrote this last Sunday, but never added it in as an entry.

I went to church this morning and went to Platoons. I hung
out with my Platoon who hung out with Jon and Shanna. That
was all cool, I like it when we do that. BUT, that's not my

After the service I was talking with Katy and Terin, and I
told them about the dream I had last night that they were
in, and Shanna and Jon happened to be in it, too. When I
got to the part where I was supposed to mention Jon and
Shanna I hesitated a minute because they both know I like
him. But I said it and I got no strange reaction from them,
and because of that I feel so relieved. Relieved of what?

I don't know.

I just feel more comfortable. I almost feel like I could
walk right up to Jon next weekend and tell him how I feel
whether Shanna is his or not. I feel like I know them now,
but the weird thing is, all I did was mention them in my
dream. I don't quite understand it.

But I like this feeling.

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