dave malyon

street preacher
2001-03-07 12:44:12 (UTC)

DAY ONE and im working to..


and im working to revive the town im in in yorkshire england.
the idea is to eveangelise the entire district with the message of god so that at least i have done all i can about
making sure the people have the accurate understanding that JESUS IS LORD AND WE ARE ALL GOING TO

of course the enertia barrier is the biggest problem because mostly the people i meet are mainly those i know and
as you realise the nearest ones are the hardest to outreach too.

still im setting a goal to say that everyone i meet or that everyone that comes my way one way or another in going
to get the full gospel message or as much as i can. this means of course that i will be embarrised and that they will
be embarrised so i had better get used to the idea, this is going to be an embarrising life!!!!!!

BUT WHO CARES in the end. the point being that we are to have and eternal life and its either in heaven or heall
so i better be as astute as i can possibly be.

so if anyone else has any ideas to help me let me know and i will certainly hear them and take em on board if it will
help me.